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About Us

Holiday House Exchange 

Established in 2009, HomeSwapHouseExchange’s goal is to provide the largest selection of homes available for holiday exchange at the lowest possible price.   With nearly 2000 exchange homes available throughout the world, and priced lower than any established exchange provider, we’ve met our goal, yet we continue to grow and improve.

HomeSwapHouseExchange was created by a couple who wanted to experience the benefits of travel without having to pay the high price of hotel or condominium lodging.  As an added benefit, housing swap allow our members to experience travel as a local not just a tourist.  We’ve found that many exchangers become friends, not only sharing their homes but sharing invaluable information about the local community, from the best local restaurants to points of interest that a tourist might never experience.

One of our primary objectives is to give our members the widest choice of home and locations available today.  From ski chalets on mountain tops to urban apartments in metropolitan areas, HomeSwapHouseExchange offers you the opportunity to travel like never before.

Enjoy your travels,

HomeSwapHouseExchange team