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Take Your Home With Your On Your Vacation!
Posted on Mar 12, 2015 02:40:15 AM
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Looking for a vacation to an exotic place? How about having a vacation at your home but in your dream city? You might find it strange but there are plenty of places, where you can get a stay in a 'Home' and that too without spending a single penny. To be precise, it is known 'House Exchange' or 'Home Swap'   Home Swap is all about swapping your homes for a certain period of time without paying a single penny. It is a mutual consent between two parties, where they agree to stay in each other's houses located in different cities for a certain period of time. This concept of home swapping was initiated in 50's and was one of the economical ways of having vacation without spending any amount on hotels. This was a great attraction for travelers, as it not only help them in cutting their expenses during travel but also is huge opportunity for them to jell with different people and cultures.   In 1990's emergence of internet, developed this innovative idea of having vacations without spending any amount. Search engines like Google started crawling these ideas given by number of people around the globe, which reached millions of travelers and became their ideal style of having an inexpensive vacations.'   Three major benefits, which a traveler can find on such vacations are: Cost effectiveness: This unique idea of house swapping is undoubtedly a very inexpensive form of having a vacation. It helps you in visiting your dream city without spending any amount on your stay, which definitely gives you a push in becoming a shopping spree during your vacations. Relaxed Stay: Home is the best place to relax. Imagine! You are on a vacation and when you come back after exploring all new places, you find your home to relax. What else, a traveler would wish to have? A complete new place to explore and a home to relax! Choice Of Stay At Your Dream Place: This whole idea of 'Home swapping' has already reached its best in the industry. So, travellers don't need to worry about variety of homes. One can find ample number of options at a single place. So, would you like to explore some of these 'Homes' for your vacation? All you need to do is register yourself here and get plenty of options to visit your dream place, without spending any amount on your stay.   So, pack your bags right away! Relax at your home while you are on vacation!

I Actually Like Airports
Posted on Aug 18, 2012 04:54:33 PM
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I know most people about to embark on their home swap think of the airport as the least favorite part of their  vacation.  While I do admit air travel has lost a lot of its glamour , the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I actually like airports. From the moment I check my bag my adrenaline starts pumping. I guess that's the exact moment it always hits me that I'm really about to start my home swap. I like to get to the airport early. Not too early, but early enough that I have plenty of time to peruse the newsstands and book stores and load up on my reading materials for the flight. One can never have enough magazines when flying. And you have to stock up on some good snack food too. While most people, for whatever reason, tend to go for the trail mix while in the sky, I prefer good old fashion junk food like chips and candy. Of course it's good to get a bottle of water or two for the flight. Now that I'm all set I head over to the gate and await boarding.  Looking at all the people waiting to board the flight I can't help but wonder if they're as excited as me. Maybe they've just finished a house swap and are heading home. Maybe they're like me and are about to depart on their trip. Either way there's just something exciting about the airport. Whether you're counting the minutes to getting to your first house exchange or anticipating the comfort of returning home, the airport is the stop right before we come or go.  And that's why I actually like airports.

Raining on my Vacation
Posted on Jul 26, 2012 05:18:12 PM
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I remember I was so excited for my trip to Miami. About two weeks prior to leaving I started obsessively surfing the weather channel's website. The forecast was for rain. I hoped that as the week progressed the forecast would change for the better. Every day I checked. Every day the forecast remained the same. Rain and thunderstorms. What were we going to do?  My girlfriend and I had been planning this vacation for 3 months. We were lucky enough to stay at a close friend's condo right on Ocean Drive in South Beach!  Our friend was not using the condo while we were there so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was the ideal vacation and we were both thoroughly looking forward to some much needed sun and relaxation. We landed at Miami International Airport in a thunderstorm.  I was hoping, contrary to the weather report, that it would clear up and we'd see the sun the next day.  We didn't.  Our plans for the next morning were to meet some friends who live year round in Miami.  Instead of going for out breakfast and then to the beach we decided to stay in and make a big pot of coffee and a brunch large enough to feed a small army.  It was great to see our old friends. We laughed about the rain and had a fantastic brunch. Before we knew it was late afternoon and almost time to get ready for our dinner reservations. We all decided to cancel going out and opted for board games and delivery at the condo. The monopoly game lasted all night, just like the rain.  The next morning we woke up to rain again!  We called our friends and they were at the condo in thirty minutes.  My girlfriend put on the coffee and we continued the game of Monopoly from the night before.  We played all day and night long until almost midnight. My girlfriend won and I came in 3rd place. It was a blast and those two days are amongst the best times I've ever had on vacation. Good friends, good food, and good times are what make a great vacation. And for all those years I always thought it was the sun...  

Traveling with Friends
Posted on Jul 12, 2012 10:01:49 AM
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Over the years I've traveled quite a bit.  I've traveled as a child with my parents.  I've traveled as a young adult on business.  And I've traveled as a parent with my own family.  But nothing is quite the same as traveling with friends.  Most of us, once we're grown-ups aren't afforded this opportunity as often as we'd like.  But there's something uniquely different about vacationing with absolutely no obligations.  That's why every so often, when the timing is right, and I'm presented with the chance to travel with a friend, I take it!  Now don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love the vacations we're fortunate enough to take together. However, a guy's (or girl's) weekend is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. I return a better husband, a better father, and a better employee.  We could all use a little relaxation, so why not give it a try?  It may be your new favorite way to travel!  Just don't tell your wife it is.

Packing Options
Posted on Jul 09, 2012 09:54:08 AM
Tags : Home exchange, house swap, packing

There is something a little exciting about pulling out the suitcase, dusting it off, and packing for a vacation.  Some people are quick packers.  Some even pack minutes before they leave their house.  Not me.  I'm one of those people who needs an extra vacation day just to get organized for my trip.  Now, I should preface by letting you know that my vacations are usually short, about four to five days long, and I'm usually off to a warm climate where shorts and flip flops are standard fare for both day and night. However, you'd never know this if you were a fly on the wall watching my packing ritual.  The first thing I have to do is laundry.  Everything has to be clean.  I'm not talking about packing clean clothes versus dirty clothes.  I'm talking about making sure my entire wardrobe is clean down to every last pair of socks.  I like options prior to pulling out the suitcase.  And so the insanity ensues.  I start making piles on my bed of tee shirts, shorts, bathing suits, and socks.  I need dress pants, khakis, dress shirts, and polos.  I need belts.  I can't decide on which brown and black belt's to take so I might as well take 4 or 5 of each just to be safe.  I like to have at least 15 tee shirts, 6-7 pairs of shorts, a bathing suit for everyday I'll be gone (plus at least 2 extra's), and enough socks to wear with the dozen or so pairs of shoes that I'll bring but never wear.  My suitcase is almost embarrassingly over stuffed.  But better safe than sorry, right?  I mean, isn't it all about having options?  Ok, now I'm going to be honest with you.  I don't wear most of what I've packed.  I usually wear the same belt every day, and I'm in the same pair of flip flops from the beginning of my vacation through the end. You might think I've learned over time that I don't need a wardrobe equivalent for a Trans Atlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II, but I haven't learned. Maybe it's over planning, perhaps it's my neurosis, or maybe I just have a problem with carryon luggage. Whatever the case it's my ritual and I'm not changing. Like I said, it's all about the options, right travelers?

Shirley Temples and Cheez-Its!
Posted on Jun 26, 2012 10:32:28 AM
Tags : home swap, house exchange

What's better than a day spent on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod, MA?  How about being a kid without a care in the world and ending that day with Shirley Temples and Cheez-Its !  I remember as a child my family and I would regularly vacation for a week during the summer in Cape Cod.  My sister and I loved playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean.  We loved making sand castles and chasing each other up and down the beach to see who could throw more seaweed on the other.  Since this was about 30 years ago I don't remember much more but I do have one memory that is as vivid today as it was all those years ago...everyday after we wrapped it up at the beach and headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner we'd have "cocktails and cheez-its " on the balcony.  For my parents this was probably a much needed elixir after a full day of kids and sun.  To be honest I don't know what they were drinking, I just know it was not what my sister and I were given.  For my sister and me it was the most delicious drink ever created!  The Shirley Temple.  My dad made it the old fashion way, with Sprite and maraschino cherries, and of course lots of cherry juice.  One cherry was never enough.  Mom would give us a handful of Cheez-Its and my sister and I were as content as any child could be. We were only allowed one drink and one handful of Cheez-Its .  We would sit on the balcony and savor every sip and each bite.  As much as we loved the playing all day at the beach, the icing on the cake was always the  après-beach on the hotel balcony.  It's funny how a mocktail named after a curly haired child star can conjure up such fond childhood memories but that's exactly what it does.  Last week while at the beach with a friend we decided to grab some lunch on the boardwalk.  She got a frozen margarita.  I got a Shirley Temple.  Unfortunately the restaurant didn't have Cheez-Its . 

Home Exchanges - The Perfect Solution
Posted on Jun 13, 2012 11:20:28 AM
Tags : home exchange, home swap

The first question is, why arrange a home exchange?  The benefits are obvious. You can enjoy the comforts of a private home rather than a stuffy hotel room.  We all know what it’s like to try to keep the kids quiet in a hotel room.  Remember sitting in the hall waiting for the kids to fall asleep?  Not necessary with a home exchange.  Plenty of room for everyone.  You might even be able to bring little Fido with you rather than leaving him at the local kennel. But the real answer is much simpler.  Home swaps save money and in most cases, lots of money. If travel is one of your passions, but today’s economy has slowed you down, a home exchange may be the perfect solution. Home exchanges allow you to travel around the world and never pay for lodging again.  What a great concept.  Whether you are searching for a resort destination like Maui or Aspen, a stay in a bustling major city like New York or London or something as simple as a week in Aiken, SC, the home exchange concept makes sense for everyone. The basics are simple.  First join our vacation exchange club, HomeSwapHouseExchange.com .  For an annual membership of $29.95 you join a group of other home owners interested in swapping a stay at their home for a stay at yours.  Arranging a swap is as easy as typing in the area you are interested in visiting.  A number of homes within that area will immediately appear.  You then select the ones you would like to exchange with, send them a private email and wait for their response.  Once they say “yes, they’re interested”, you then discuss and agree to all the particulars, such as dates of arrival and departure, number of people in the party.  The homeowner is like your personal travel agent with great information about the area including the best restaurants, local shopping, sites to see, etc. that will make your vacation home exchange a truly a lifelong memory.