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1   Why Join HSHE and not another home exchange company?

HomeSwapHouseExchange has been in the home swap business since 2009 and has built a reputation of quality home exchanges for the lowest price in the industry.   We list thousands of exchange homes in almost every state in the USA and hundreds of international properties

Our business model is to attract a member and keep them forever.  We provide all the tools necessary to make exchanges simple. Unlike many start-ups, we do not lure you in on a cheap or free price the first year and then shock you with the second year’s membership.  The $29.95 membership fee is guaranteed for two years.  We provide a simple, safe service at an uncommonly low price.

2   What does membership cost?

The annual membership fee is $29.95, which is guaranteed for one year.

3   Are there any other fees?

There are no other fees associated with HomeSwapHouseExchange membership.

4   What does membership include?

Membership includes the ability to contact other members and arrange a home swap.  It allows you to list and update your property description and pictures at any time and receive monthly newsletters of new home listings.  We also provide sample agreements and guidelines for coordinating a smooth exchange

5   How much money will I save?

Most members save thousands on each exchange.  Not only do you save on accommodations, but since you’re staying in a home, you only have to eat in restaurants when you choose.

6   I have an average home in a non resort area. Will anyone be interested?

Definitely.  Our members look for different experiences in different areas.  Many like to try the “untraveled path”. They may use your home as the jumping off point to visit area attractions. Your average home may be perfect for them.

7   How do I arrange an exchange?

First, you need to join HomeSwapHouseExchange. Go to our Application Page, compete the form and you’ll be immediately able to start the exchange process.  The process couldn’t be easier: Browse through all of our home swap properties, find a home you’d like to exchange with and send a privacy protected email to the member.  If the member is interested, they’ll respond directly to you and you’ll then work out all the details of the exchange.

8   How should I get my house ready for an exchange?

The best answer is that your house should be in the type of condition you would want if using another member’s home.  Make sure there are drawers/closets available for your guests, that the refrigerator has room for their supplies and that the house is clean and neat.

9   When I contact another member, what should I tell them about my home?

Typically, an email to another member should include a detailed description of your home, your neighborhood, a reference to your listing on HSHE and when you would like to arrange the swap.  Just as you want to know about the people using your home, you should tell the other member about yourself and your family.

10   Must exchanges take place during the same period?

If both home are primary residences than the exchange is normally simultaneous.  However, if the homes are vacation properties, swaps need not be simultaneous,

11   Do I have to exchange with another member when they contact me?

No, Each member has the discretion to accept or not accept any exchange offer.

12   Who is responsible for cleaning?

Members discuss who is responsible for cleaning prior to the exchange.  Generally, the home should be left as it is found upon arrival. 

13   I’m concerned about security. Is my name, telephone number or email address broadcast on the site?

Absolutely not.  Your personal information is strictly confidential and never revealed to anyone by HomeSwapHouseExchange.  Members make initial contact with other members by emailing them through our anonymous email system.  If the receiving member is interested, then private contact information is shared between just those members.  We are committed to protecting consumer privacy.  Please see our Security Features and Privacy Policy.

14   I rent my apartment. Can I still become an exchange member?

Most landlords have no objection to this type of arrangement as long as you continue to pay your rent and other related fees.  However, you should verify this with your landlord.

15   How long is a typical exchange?

The length of the home exchange is whatever the two members agree to.   While most swaps are a week or two, many are a month, 2 months or even longer.

16   Does my homeowner’s policy cover damage to my house while on exchange?

Most insurance policies treat the exchange visitor as they would any other guest you had staying in your home. But, if you need added assurance, you should confirm this with your insurance agent. More importantly, there have been very few reports of damage during home swaps and all have been minor

17   Do I need special insurance and what are my liabilities?

Insurance companies prefer to have someone in the house, as opposed to the home being left vacant when you’re away.  Most Insurance covers exchange partners as invited guests in your home.  However, since policies differ, you may want to check with your own insurance company.

18   Can cars also be exchanged?

Many of our members exchange cars, but it is entirely up to you.

19   Does my car insurance cover my home exchange partners?

Policies differ, Contact your insurance agent

20   What about pets?

Each member specifies whether pets are allowed or not allowed in their home.

21   How do I finalize the exchange?

You and your exchange partner will agree to all of the details of your swap, including dates, number of people using the home, acquiring keys, cleaning, etc. through personal emails and/or telephone calls.  The more dialogue you have with your exchange partner the better.  We provide a list of how to coordinate an exchange in the Guidelines for a Smooth Exchange.

22   Who pays the bills?

The owner of the home pays utility bills, gardeners, pool maintenance, etc., as they normally would.  The one exception is for any international calls which typically is paid by the exchange member.  As long as there is clear communication between the two members prior to the exchange, this should not be an issue.

23   How can I be sure my home will be safe?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is that since we've been in business we've had only three reports of minor damage, all of which were paid for by the guest member.  In fact, the person using your property may have the same concerns when you’re using their property.  We’ve found that the more contact you have with the other member, the more secure you’ll feel.  The best advice is to discuss all areas of concern before the exchange.  Since you’re using each other’s home, there will be a mutual respect for each other’s property.

24   Why exchange and not rent?

The most obvious answer is the savings you’ll see.  A typical hotel or rental property costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week.  An exchange arranged through HomeSwapHouseExchange costs $29.95.  No money is paid by either member to the other member.  Also, a home exchange offers you the space and amenities you could never find in a hotel.

25   How many exchanges can I arrange?

Unlimited. While some members arrange only one exchange per year, other members arrange multiple exchanges.