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Guidelines for a Smooth Home Exchange

  • Make sure the quest has the exact address/apartment number of the property being using.
  • Plan for how keys are to be exchanged and returned.  Make sure if there is an alarm system, guest knows how to turn it on & off.  
  • Agree on the Do’s & Don’ts for each home, children, pets, smoking, etc.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a neighbor available who can assist the guest, if needed.
  • Exchange telephone numbers and email addresses so you can reach one another with any questions.  Leave emergency numbers, as well.
  • Provide instructions for household appliances or, if available, leave instruction manuals.
  • Advise the guest member where the circuit breakers, water shut-offs, etc. are located.
  • Agree on who is responsible for certain expense, i. e., telephone, cleaning, etc. as well as use of any special facilities like beach access, tennis courts or pools.
  • If the property being exchanged is a second home, notify your property manager that the home is in use for that period.
  • If dates of the exchange need to be changed, notify the other member as soon as possible.
  • Make your home as clean and neat as you would want to find a home that you were using.
  • Most home insurance policies provide personal and property protection for guests visiting or using the property. Verify with your insurance company.
  • Leave the home as clean and neat as you would want to find your home after an exchange.
  • HomeSwapHouseExchange provides a sample of an exchange agreement between exchange members.  See Sample Exchange Agreement..