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Let HomeSwapHouseExchange help you travel to the places you’ve always wanted to go.

HomeSwapHouseExchange is available to anyone who owns a home, whether it is your primary home or vacation home. Save thousands of dollars on your next vacation by exchanging a stay at your home for a stay at someone else’s home with our house swapping and holiday exchange service.

Our automated service enables you to arrange a house exchange by simply identifying where you want to go on your home swap. Choose the holiday exchange you’re interested in and send a private message to the other home swap member.

Home Swap

House Exchange

Low Membership Fee

Our annual membership fee is the lowest of any exchange company
Unlike other companies that offer a low introductory rate and then shock you with their full membership fee, our low rates are guaranteed
No additional fees – ever

Security of your Information

Names and email addresses are only available to other members
You provide that information only when you are interested in exchanging with another member

Thousands of Homes to Choose From

The most advanced and easiest search available for finding a home exchange
Listings in the United States and countries around the world
New homes added daily

You are Always in Control

Members have complete discretion whether or not to make an exchange

Our Listings

House Exchange
Our advanced search will find you the perfect home swap               

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Home Swap House Exchange
Save thousands of dollars on your next vacation by exchanging homes.

Home Swap House Exchange
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